What we can do for the world

Jodo Shu Peace Association (JPA) was established in 1990 with a mission to contribute to world peace. The main activities of JPA are Peace Nenbutsu Fundraising Project, Book Gift, Jodo Shu Peace Award, and JPA Study Tour. These activities are based on our wish for peace as well as on the teaching of Honen, founder of Jodo Shu. Among other activities are Ceremonial Prayers for Peace, workshops and lectures on building peace and an inclusive society, and disaster recovery aid.
The Jodo Shu Peace Awards are given to temples and priests to recognize their social engagement work. The purpose of JPA Book Gift is to encourage the learning of privately financed international students in Japan by presenting books for their research and study.
JPA focuses on various socially engaged activities for peace, international exchange, and social welfare, while maintaining the purpose of sharing the teaching of Jodo Shu.