JPA Book Gift

What is Book Gift?

Students who study abroad are truly valuable for the future and for bringing peace to the world. However, the financial reality of studying abroad is often difficult as students have to study and work part-time jobs with not enough time to sleep.
History tells us that not only Buddhism but also culture, political systems, and economic systems in Japan were developed through the exchanges between locals and foreign students since ancient times. Buddhist masters such as Saicho, Kukai, Dogen, and Eisai were all students who studied overseas in the Middle Ages. Therefore we would like to support the long tradition of studying abroad by presenting books to foreign students in Japan to help their study. Japan, as a country, and also Japanese students studying abroad have benefitted from the kindness and support of people from other countries. In this way, the JPA Book Gift is our way of showing gratitude and support, by presenting books necessary for the students’ study.
If you are a foreign student studying in Japan (regardless of faith or religion) and would like to apply for Book Gift, please read the information sheet, fill out the application form, and submit it to our office along with a short essay in Japanese.